I worked with animator Adam Davies on a short clay animation project for 7 years.  It's called The Itching and it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2016.

The Itching is about a shy wolf that tries to befriend a group of hip, party-loving bunnies but finds her body is in revolt.  It's a clay animation project that has a narrative but contains no dialogue and relies more on tone, sound, lighting, color, movement, and gesture to express its story and themes.  

Why did it take 7 years you might wonder?  That would be too long a story for this website, but I'm shocked and delighted we finished.

I'm planning more hands-on artwork and animation in the future, but either smaller scale projects, or big projects made with larger teams, because I just won't live long enough.

For the latest news about The Itching, including upcoming screenings, please visit our website at www.theitching.com.  You can also watch the film free online at Vimeo.



During the the time we made The Itching, I wrote/directed another short movie which is called Pow Pow Pow (2012).  Pow Pow Pow is about a 39-year-old artist named Danny who launches himself as BOBO, a children's birthday party clown, despite having no experience.  Armed with a joke book and a duffle bag full of props, Danny takes a gig in the Rhode Island suburbs, where he must prove himself to both children and adults.

Here is a Vimeo excerpt from the film.





The short film I'm working on now is called Strawberry Shake (upcoming 2017).  

I don't want to say too much about it yet, but it's about a divorced mom and her two young kids, and takes place in a single day in Brooklyn.

I'm planning on shooting the film in summer 2017, and am interested in meeting a producer and cinematographer, so if you are those people, or you know those people, please get in touch!  This will be the first live action movie I've shot in New York, and I'm excited to cast in NYC and work on location.

I'm thrilled and grateful to have received a 2017 New York State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Grant to make Strawberry Shake- a huge thanks going out to them for supporting me.