Summer 2019

Thanks to the Bend Film Festival for inviting me to be on the Selections Committee for this year’s festival. It’s always informative to be on the other side of these things.



I’m excited to be working on some post elements of “Strawberry Shake” with some wonderful collaborators.

There’s some animation playing on TV in a family living room scene in the film, and the lovely Maya Edelman will be creating animation for that, with composer Ryder McNair creating the animation’s music.

In other music news, the inspiring Rafael Toral has agreed to allow portions from a few of his beautiful songs to play as ambient soundtrack music in the film, and one of my favorite bands Hospitality has lent a song to be played as if from a radio/computer in a fun mother-daughter scene.

Ceramic artist Nancy Kwon is starting work on film titles, and the ever graceful Eli Cohn has started designing sound.

I still have editing to do. It’s been a process. But I’m starting to see the l—i—g—h—t.



We just finished shooting "Strawberry Shake," and are now moving onto post! 

Here's a few pictures from set of our glorious leads: Lucinda Lee Dawson Gray; the rabbit; and then me hugging Lucinda Lee and the amazing Jack Casey.


April 2018

I'm very excited to have wonderful producers Kyle Eaton, Allison Rose Carter, and Jon Read as partners on "Strawberry Shake."  We're going to shoot the last week in June/first week in July-- wish us luck!!  


January 2018

I just got back from a 2-week residency at Yaddo, in Saratoga Springs, NY.  I stayed in a lovely house (that kind of looks like a mini ski chalet) called Pine Garde, with a bedroom, bathroom, and work studio all connected on the second floor.  The rooms were warm and quiet with lots of light.  The only thing I saw was a deer that came by at distinctly emotional moments, and the only thing I heard was the occasional jarring sound of ice chunks sliding down the roof on their way to the ground.  It was below 0 degrees out much of the time, but really who could complain when the other fellows and I only had to leave our studios and walk a minute or two twice a day to be fed?  Huge, heartfelt thanks to Yaddo for the support.  It really is a magical place, and I am in debt to them for the focus which allowed me to work on the visualization of my short film "Strawberry Shake."




August 2017

Thanks to the New York State Council on the Arts for asking me to be a panel member for the Individual Artist Grants.

MARCH 2017

Thank you to Yaddo for inviting me for an artist's residency for a few weeks in December 2017 - January 2018.  I was there once before about five years ago, and it was an amazing inspiring time.  Something to look forward to!



The Itching won the Audience Award at the Final Girls Berlin Film Festival.  Check them out!


jANUARY 2017

The Itching is free!  Free online finally!  Here are the links, with lovely reviews of the film at Short of the Week and NoBudge:

Vimeo Staff Picks

Short of the Week


There will also be a local screening of The Itching along with other NoBudge films at Videology in Brooklyn on Monday January 30th at 9:00pm.


December 2016

I am so excited to have been awarded a New York State Council on the Arts Individual Artist Grant to make my new live action short Strawberry Shake.  There isn't a lot of funding for short films, especially fiction projects, and this kind of support makes the project possible.  Thank you very much NYSCA!  I'm grateful.  I hope to do you proud.


The Itching won a Jury Citation Award from the Black Maria Film Festival.  This festival will tour the US & internationally in 2017, and we are so happy to be a part of it.

The Itching won Best Short Animation at the Monster Film Festival in Australia!  Thank you fellow monsters.

The Itching won second prize at the James River Film Society's Juried Short Film Competition.  Thanks to the judges and to the James River Film Society.


November 2016

The Itching won Best Animated Short at the St. Louis International Film Festival.  Thank you St. Louis and jury!

The Itching received a Special Mention from the Jury at the FKM Fantastic Film Festival of A Coruna.  Thank you FKM and jury!


October 2016

The Itching won Best Animated Film at the New Hampshire Film Festival.  Thank you New Hampshire and jury!

The Itching got a great write-up in the Halloween edition of the Canadian magazine Rue Morgue.

Thanks to the lovely ladies of The Muff Society for this interview.


September 2016

The Itching won two awards at the Columbia Gorge Film Festival- a Legacy Award called the Bullet Award and a Jury Award for Best Short Animation.  Thank you Columbia Gorge!


August 2016

Thanks We Are Moving Stories for this interview.

Thanks also Screen Anarchy for this awesome review of The Itching!


May 2016

I just got back from a 2-week artist residency at the Ucross Foundation, which is on a 20,000 acre cattle ranch in Ucross, Wyoming, population 25.  There was  a really nice group of people there- 2 visual artists, 1 choreographer, 2 composers, 4 writers, and me.  The food is to die for and the people that work there are kind and fun.  I showed up sick, and was stunned by the landscape, and somewhat overwhelmed (see pictures below).  I got better, the sun came out, we hiked and rode bikes, and I ended up writing a script for my next short film (a live action).  At present, the script's called "New Puppy," and it's different than the script idea I had going into the residency... which I owe to the rabbits, birds, cows, rattlesnakes, and silence/stars (and to my friendly fellow-- albeit limited in number-- human beings).


April 2016

The Red Rock Film Festival invited me to be on the Grand Jury to judge films in the 'animation short' and 'short-shorts' categories.  Thanks Red Rock!

The Itching was awarded 'Best Animated Short Film' at the Sarasota Film Festival and at the Athens International Film Festival.  The Itching was also awarded the Grand Jury Prize for the 'Graveyard Shift Shorts' category at the Nashville Film Festival (tied with the film 'Horn').  Thank you to these festivals for showing our film, thank you to the juries, and thank you to the wonderful audiences!  It has been so great to talk with people about the film after being holed up with it for so long.


February 2016

At Sundance, The Itching was awarded the Debra Hill Film Grant from Women in Film Los Angeles!  WIF awarded two short films and two feature films from the Sundance program.  The Debra Hill Film Grant is an "award for an independent filmmaker whose work represents a singular vision and ability to think beyond the normal conventions of filmmaking."  We are thrilled and honored.  Here is the announcement in indiewire.

The Itching was also selected as one of "25 Must-See Sundance Short Films by Women Directors" by Hollywomen.



I'm really excited to be going to an artist's residency at the UCROSS FOUNDATION in May 2016.  

I've never been to WYOMING (the residency is in Ucross, Wyoming)- can't wait.  Thinking of flying into a nearby city, renting a car, and melting into the landscape.